Aesthetic Tooth Lengthening

Aesthetic Tooth Lengthening

Tooth or Crown Lengthening is a procedure which is done to improve gum health and/or preparation of the mouth for corrective or cosmetic operations. Aesthetic tooth lengthening remove excess gum tissue that covers a larger portion of teeth in some people. This is loosely referred to as a “gummy” smile. The result of the procedure is more visible teeth and a more pleasing smile.

Do I Need Tooth Lengthening?

Tooth lengthening is a very common procedure and there are various reasons as to why a person would need to undergo this procedure. Some of the more common reasons include tooth (or teeth) restoration, damaged from periodontal disease or possibly trauma. Improvement in appearance is also a very common reason for patients who have this excess of gum tissue covering their teeth.

What Can I Expect From the Aesthetic Tooth Lengthening Procedure

The length of your aesthetic tooth lengthening procedure will mostly depend on the quantity of teeth you will need worked on. The surgery will be performed under local anesthesia and once the intended area is fully numbed, the periodontist will make small incisions, to remove the excess gum tissue. In some cases, small amounts of bone may also be removed. Once the surgery is over, your gums will be washed with a sterile solution and then stitched up.

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