Gum Grafts in North Dallas

Gum Grafts in North Dallas

Gum grafts are a procedure designed to cover up exposed roots where the gum line excessively recedes. In most cases, the gum tissue is removed from your palate to cover the root.

Benefits of Gum Graft Procedure at Texas Dental Surgery North Dallas

Exposed roots can lead to quicker decay. A gum graft performed by periodontist Stephen Walker will help to protect this from happening. From an aesthetic standpoint, this procedure will help to even out your gum line giving you a better looking and more confident smile.

Healing Period

The recovery period depends a lot on the amount of pressure you apply after the surgery is completed. The operated area will be very sensitive and will require you to be more careful when eating and drinking. Full healing of the tissue can take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the amount of tissue used in the graft.
Periodontist Stephen Walker at Texas Dental Surgery will ensure that you are well informed of the best methods to follow in order to have a faster healing process.

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