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Oral Surgery – Your Local North Dallas Oral Surgeon

At Texas Dental Surgery, we offer the complete scope of oral surgery procedures. This, not only reduces time, paperwork and billing for patients but allows you many other benefits including one location for all your surgical needs.

There are various types of dental procedures you may need depending on what the condition of your tooth (or teeth) may be. Typically, your dentist will be the one to recommend the appropriate procedure and will often refer you to our office here in Prosper.

If you don’t have a dentist, we can help you find one because teeth never get better, bad teeth only get worse. The earlier oral surgeon John-Michael Stewart gets to work helping you have a great smile, the easier it will be for you and your wallet.

Texas Dental Surgery is the collaboration between a restoring dentist and a dental surgical specialist, John-Michael Stewart.


Oral Surgeon with Experience

Oral surgeon John-Michael Stewart has worked with thousands of patients with different conditions, through many different procedures. Whether you’re suffering from tooth decay, or perhaps have experienced oral trauma, you can rest assured knowing that you will receive the very best oral surgery and aftercare at Texas Dental Surgery.


Wisdom Tooth Removal &
Dental Implants

We know that the idea of having teeth removed can be unnerving, and for this reason, we provide a mild general anesthesia to ensure you experience comfort throughout any and all procedures. Oral surgeon John-Michael Stewart specializes in wisdom tooth removal and the very best dental implants.

You can find out more about wisdom teeth removal and oral surgery procedures, and dental implants through the links or the menu options.


Tooth Preservation is Top Priority

Our first objective is to always save a tooth wherever possible. This means we will correspond closely with your dentist to see if this can be done. In the event that you do not have a family dentist, we can recommend one for you.

We firmly believe that each one of our patients is a person with a unique case which requires specialized attention depending on their age, overall physical health and other factors.

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The team at Texas Dental Surgery looks forward to meeting with you and providing you with the best service in the industry. Contact us now to book your consultation and be on your way to having healthier teeth and a healthier body and mind. You are what you eat, and eating well requires healthy teeth.

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