Wisdom Teeth Removal for North Dallas

Generally Speaking About Wisdom Teeth

Certain individuals will never have to remove their wisdom teeth even though the growth patterns can be somewhat irregular. However, patients who do need their wisdom teeth removed but ignore the procedure for any period of time run the risk of several health complications. It is common for wisdom teeth to negatively impact adjoining teeth along with various other conditions such as infections and even tumors, not to mention the impact on general overall health.

Wisdom Tooth Formation

In almost all cases, wisdom teeth are completely formed at 18 years of age. It is therefore recommended that the removal take place anywhere between the ages of 15 to 18. But not all cases are the same, and through further analysis, the right time would be determined on a patient to patient basis. Often, a general or family dentist will be the first to discover an issue with your wisdom teeth - typically through x-rays during routine dental check-ups.

Helping You to a Speedy Recovery in North Dallas

After you’ve gone through your wisdom tooth removal with Texas Dental Surgery, a brief recovery process will follow. You may experience a certain level of pain and swelling in your jaw and face. This is completely normal and will subside after several days. Generally, the recovery time is approximately 3 to 4 days, but can sometimes take up to a week. We will prescribe the appropriate anti-inflammatories to help manage any pain and we also recommend icing the affected area to help reduce swelling. You will receive a thorough recovery plan before your wisdom tooth removal takes place.

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